About the AHE

     The Spanish Mortgage Association (Asociación Hipotecaria Española, AHE) is an organisation made up of banks, savings banks, cooperatives and credit financial institutions which have a major presence on the mortgage market. The members of the Association hold approximately 80% of the mortgage loan market.

     As a specialised professional association, A.H.E. represents its members' interests in all aspects related to mortgage activities, and it therefore maintains a close contact with the different ministries which are responsible for drawing up regulations which affect this market (principally, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Housing, etc.) and with the Bank of Spain.

     AHE also takes a great interest in all matters related to transparency and protection of consumers. In this field, and together with the National Institute of Consumption, it has edited a "Mortgage loans guide", which can be consulted on this page. It also has several publications on legislation and the system of transparency of mortgages.

     The Association also provides a source of statistical information, which it updates regularly, on subjects related to the mortgage market, including interest rates and reference indexes, and also credit operations and issues of deeds. Its aim in this respect is to provide more in-depth knowledge of this market.

     A.H.E.'s international activity is basically focused on its participation in the European Mortgage Federation (EMF), which groups together the mortgage loan entity associations in the European Union. The Association plays a very active part in all the governing bodies and working groups of the EMF, and is responsible at a national level for releasing news of communications and other reports edited by the EMF in matters regarding current issues which affect mortgage business at a European level. In this way, it provides Spain with increasing knowledge of the mortgage markets of the other European Union countries.

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